May 272014

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Crumbs – Toppling the Bread Cartel

DIRECTOR: Dante Greeff & Richard Finn Gregory | South Africa | 2013 | 57min

In 2006, Imraahn Mukaddam, an independent bread distributor in Cape Town, blew the whistle on a cartel of South Africa’s major bread companies. The price-fixing scandal rocked the Western Cape, and the country, but several years later, this true story of David vs Goliath is far from over. Despite watching his life fall to pieces around him as he loses first his business and then his hope, Mukkadam refuses to be intimidated by the manufacturing giants, doggedly exposing the ruthless mechanisms taking place behind closed corporate doors, where decisions are made that have a shattering effect the country’s poor. This time, when Mukkadam once more takes to the courts, he doesn’t do so alone, ushering in a new precedent of Class Action Suits in South Africa, and proving that the country’s consumers refuse to be taken advantage of, again.