Jan 202013


Dylan Mohan Gray’s Fire in The Blood is competing in the World Cinema Documentary category at The Sundance Film Festival, running from 17-27 January 2012. Dylan was a guest of Encounters in 2012, when Fire in the Blood had its African premiere at the festival.

An estimated 10 million people in the developing world have died of HIV/AIDS. Much of this global tragedy could have averted, had it not been for the western pharmaceutical companies who blocked low-cost access to life-saving treatment by enforcing their drug patents in a bid to achieve maximum profits.

Dylan’s revealing film looks at the controversy. It charts how a dedicated few, including our very own Zackie Achmat and Edwin Cameron, challenged the status quo and temporarily broke the stranglehold of monopoly.

At Sundance, The Hollywood Reporter called it, “A provocative wakeup call that presents vital evidence in the ongoing global healthcare debate.”