Slavery Routes Director

Before there was oil, there were slaves. The system that resulted in over 20 million Africans being taken by force, bound and beaten, sold and reduced to slavery has fundamentally shaped and defined the world around us. But how did Africa end up at the heart of the slavery route? To answer this critical question, The Slavery Routes takes us to the fall of the Rome, the subsequent Arabian Empire built from its ruins, and the trans-Saharan caravan routes that provided the beginnings of a 700 year vast network of human trafficking between Cairo and Timbuktu. In the 14th century Europe opened up to the world and Portugal was the first kingdom to assault the African coast, thus creating a new slavery route and the beginning of one of the world’s most miserable, heinous and condoned abuses of humans. An important film exploring the story of a world built on the backs of men and women relegated to less than human.

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