Rosebank Nouveau 1 Bioscope
Fri 3 June
7pm Alison 7pm Pearl of Africa + Pink Boy
8.45pm Where to Invade Next 8.45pm Soweto Q&A + Precious Metal
Sat 4 June
6pm Strike a Pose 6pm Raving Iran
8pm Lo & Behold 8pm Revolution won’t be Televised
Sun 5 June
5.30pm Maya Angelou 6pm Affliction
8pm Mapplethorpe 8pm Action Kommandant
Mon 6 June
6.45pm Boy 23 7pm Magical Substance + Famous In Ahmedabad
8.15pm Sonita 8.45pm I Shot Bi Kidude + My Road
Tue 7 June
6.45pm Walking in my Shoes Q&A 7pm Those who feel the Fire Burning
8.15pm Where to Invade Next 8.30pm Lost Tongue Q&A
Wed 8 June
6.45pm Martha & Niki Q&A 7pm Black Christ
8.45pm Taking Stock Q&A 8.45pm Nasser
Thur 9 June
6.45pm Horizontes + Art of Flying 7pm Present from the Past
8.30pm Chemsex 8.45pm Train to Adulthood
Fri 10 June
6.45pm Pearl Button 7pm Syrian Love Story
8.30pm Shadow World Q&A 8.30pm Requiem for the American Dream
Sat 11 June
    11am-4pm SA Shorts 1 & 2 & 3
    5pm The Visit
5.30pm Hooligan Sparrow 6pm Sonita
8pm Maya Angelou 8pm Cameraperson
Sun 12 June
    3.30pm Shwabada Q&A
5.30pm Shadow World Q&A 5.30pm Chemsex
8pm Where to Invade Next 7.45pm Night is Fading