Feb 082012


DIRECTOR: Tim Wege | South Africa | 80 min | 2011

Set in the Transkei against a backdrop of rural village life, Tim Wege’s film plays out as King Naki, owner of Thula Zobone, the fastest horse in the neighbourhood, fights to take his dream of success to the next level and win the annual amateur championships. King has already beaten the odds by rising from stable boy to horse owner and he’s won almost everything else on the wild, fenceless tracks of the high Eastern Cape. But standing in his way is Disprin and a team of horses from Kokstad, owned by a wealthy businessman. As the race gets closer, Wege tracks King Naki’s incredible journey, his love of his horses and his remarkable way with them, as well as the eternal battle between the haves and have-nots. Naki is a remarkable character, resolute, determined, honourable, with a sharp sense of where he comes from and what is important. Wege’s combination of on site interview and non-invasive camerawork reveals a world seldom seen – the magical score is an equally important part of the project. Courtesy of the Director and Plexus Films