Feb 282012


DIRECTOR: Arantxa Aguirre | Spain | 80 min | 2009

Gil Roman faces a thrilling challenge. He has ‘inherited’ the renowned Lausanne-based ballet company founded by his mentor, Maurice Béjart. He must choreograph and present his first ballet to an expectant audience who will make the inevitable comparisons. Dedication to maintaining the standards of ballet as a way of honouring the late Béjart is the leitmotif in this homage to human creativity, as is the rôle personal relationships play in inspiring excellence. Interviews with dancers, producers, a taxi driver and the wife of the former Shah of Iran all point the way artistic endeavour can elicit respect, pride and a sense of meaning. This is a gem of a film, not just for ballet aficionados, and what emerges is the delicate interplay between Roman and his dancers in producing an exquisite, exciting, exacting ballet.