Feb 142012


DIRECTOR: Robyn Rorke | South Africa | 48 min | 2008

A house is far more than four walls and a roof. To Shamiela it represents a home, stability and a safe haven for her family. A local housing scheme is launched and Shamiela applies for a house and succeeds. Growing up underprivileged and moving from house to house across the Cape Flats, Shamiela cannot believe that the wait is finally over. When she moves in, she finds that not only is the house in an extreme state of disrepair but also, she must now pay more than double the original agreed figure. Then rumours spread that the housing company is evicting people from their houses due to non-payment. Principled and dignified, Shamiela has only one option: to join a protest group and fight for her right to a decent roof over her head. This honest and intimate slice of Cape Town life takes on the perspective of the community as Shamiela and her troop navigate the corruption and mismanagement that has caused considerable heartache, insecurity and emotional trauma to some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens.