May 172013
CT | Fugard  | Mon 10 | 6.30pm + Guest
JOZI | Bioscope |  Sat 15 | 8pm + Guest
Mark J. Kaplan & Heidi Grunebaum | SA | 2013 | 67min

As a child in South Africa, writer/narrator Grunebaum put her pennies in a box to help build a forest in Israel. 20 years later she revisits the forest she helped finance, only to find that it was not a project for growth but rather one that would disguise deliberate obliteration.

Under a cultivated plantation called ‘South Africa Forest’ are hidden the remains of the destroyed Palestinian village of Lubya. Prompted by a questioning of what it meant to be complicit with Apartheid, the film tackles the question of responsibility in light of the erasure of the village.

World premiere

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