The Battle of Algiers a film within history

International Feature

This is a thrilling behind the curtain look at Gillo Pontecorvo’s iconic 1967 feature film The Battle of Algiers that famously won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival while at the same time was in the process of being banned in France. The masterful tale of revolutionary aspiration and political insurrection, as Algeria fought for independence from France, is not far removed from the political conflicts at play in the world today. Critically acclaimed director Bensmaïl explores the emotionally charged process of filming in a country where most of the cast and crew lived through the events being captured. His extraordinary analysis shows the far-reaching influence of the film that went on to inspire the Black Panthers, the Pro-Palestine movement, and even the Pentagon, where it was used as an education tool on counter-insurgency.

Cape Town
V&A 4
Sat 2 June / 5.30pm
Labia 3
Fri 8 June / 8pm
Labia 1
Sat 9 June / 8.15pm
Fri 1 June / 8.30pm
Sun 10 June / 3.30pm
Malek Bensmaïl
117 minutes