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In 1989, the year the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Bloc crumbled, North Korea held the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students. The festival cost a quarter of the state’s annual budget and was intended as a spectacular, highly organised display of strength and unity, and a means of increasing North Korea’s standing in the international community.  Among the 22,000 attendees was a group of young Canadian activists, and Elmer’s film looks back on their sometimes life-changing experiences in Pyongyang. Interviews with the delegates today are spliced with extraordinary footage from the festival, providing a fascinating perspective on a fraught historical moment as well as a glimpse of a society which remains largely closed to outsiders.

Cape Town
Labia 3
Sat 2 June / 8.30pm + Q&A
Labia 1
Tue 5 June / 6pm
Thu 7 June / 6.45pm + Q&A
Greg Elmer
Canada/North Korea
74 minutes