Mining Memory Legacies of St Helena in the Northern Cape

World Premiere Festival Guest African Short

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Land and Identity
Eloquently told by young voices, its format gives the film freshness and immediacy with lush views of the Atlantic seaboard contrasting with the grittiness of the Cape Flats and the homeliness of Plumstead.

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Considered neither ‘European’ or ‘Native’, the St Helenian immigrants who found themselves in the small mining community of Concordia, Namaqualand in 1907, were confronted with a bewildering social climate in a barren land. Locals of St Helenian descent share stories of their ancestors’, with themes of race, heritage and the significance of ‘place’, both real and imagined, being explored.

Cape Town
Labia 3
Tue 5 June / 7.45pm + Q&A
Sun 10 June / 3pm extra screening
Wed 6 June / 8.45pm + Q&A
Daniel Yon
Canada/St Helena/South Africa
56 minutes


Daniel Yon Director

Daniel Yon, anthropologist, filmmaker and Associate Professor, holds a joint-appointment with the Dept. of Anthropology and Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto. His scholarly work engages with race and racism, diasporas, cosmopolitanisms and questions of belonging. His filmmaking reflects efforts to ‘think with the sea’ and focuses on migrations, displacements, place-making and memory. His Sathima’s Windsong, a meditation on the life and time of South African jazz vocalist, Sathima Bea Benjamin, was runner-up for the Audience Award, Encounters, 2010.