World Premiere SA Premiere S/African Shorts

V&A 6: Sat 9 June / 3.30pm (public) and 4.45pm (private screening)

Sorry I am late

We face obstacles everyday of our lives, getting to work should not be one them

This is a Documentary about the difficulties of transport in Cape Town from trains to buses to cars.

Mixed Blessings

Examining the phenomenon of “blessing” within the South African context – Is it prostitution by another name?

This is a Documentary about the life of young girls/ women who receive money from men who can afford to give them a good life in exchange of pleasure.

Nantes to Nantes

She is brave, inspiring and passionate. She is Caroline Peters and she is going to change the world.

This is a documentary A story about a women that overcame many battles in her life to be where she is now from victim to victor.

Ndundu (Albino)

It is not my fault, I am only different by the colour of my skin

This is a documentary about exploring the prejudices and difficulties people with Albinism face in South Africa and Congo.