In Stitches

World Premiere Festival Guest African Feature

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Kill or Die

A glimpse at the harsh world of comedy, Kill or Die follows four young comedians as they make headway in the local comedy scene. Candid moments, casual conversations and instances of comedic magic reveal both the vulnerabilities and resilience of each character in an industry that demands you lay yourself bare.

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In a country with 11 official languages, stand-up comedy has long been overwhelmingly dominated by English and Afrikaans. This is changing. In Stitches follows three vernacular comedians on the circuit and shows how something as simple as being funny in one’s home language can be a vehicle for social change.

Cape Town
Mon 4 June / 6pm
Labia 1
Wed 6 June / 6.15pm
Fri 1 June / 6.45pm + Q&A TBC
Hannah Rafkin, Meg Robbins
South Africa
48 minutes


Hannah Rafkin and Meg Robbins Co-producer/Co-director

Hannah Rafkin and Meg Robbins are making their debut as co-directors and co-producers. They are no strangers to collaboration, though — after meeting in university in Film 101, they soon became best friends and creative partners. Both Hannah and Meg are experienced storytellers, with backgrounds in print, digital, and photo journalism.