World Premiere SA Premiere S/African Shorts

Bioscope: Sat 3 June / 2.30pm and Sat 9 June / 2pm

Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth

Dir: Eric Gauss & Odette van Rensburg 2017 | Zimbabwe | 12 min | SA Premiere

Life as a gay man in Zimbabwe remains one of fear and persecution.

Masquerading: To Hell and Back

Dir: Sofia de Fey | 2017 | SA | 14 min

Sandra Dee and Samantha Fox, two aging and eccentric drag queens in their 50s, are vividly portrayed in this beautifully shot short film. Structured around a letter Sandra Dee is writing to her friend reminiscing over their 30 years of adventures together, the film reveals a friendship that has gone to ‘hell and back’.

Music In The Mountains: A Film About The Drakensberg Boys Choir School

Dir: Lerato Moloi | South Africa | 2018 | 7 min | World Premiere

Nestled in the foothills of the famous Drakensburg Mountains, is a school that trains some of the country’s finest choir singers, and Sihle Manonyane is no exception. As accomplished as he is at hitting the lower notes, he is equally capable of inspiring the students he mentors to reach new found heights.

Spots in the Mountain: A Film About The Cape Leopard Trust

Dir: Lerato Moloi | 2018 | SA | 6 min | World Premiere

It’s increasingly rare to spot a leopard in the Cederberg mountains outside Cape Town, which makes the work the Cape Leopard Trust carries out very important. Their education team work tirelessly to spread awareness and instil in those they teach a similar love for nature and the glorious spotted felines who inhabit it.

Iphepha (The Newspaper)

Dir: Jennifer Merrick, Unathi Dyantyi | 2018 | SA | 26 min | SA Premiere

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the newsroom of I’solezwe isiXhosa, the first isiXhosa newspaper in South Africa. Director Merrick illuminates the challenges and profound rewards of starting a newspaper, and highlights the critical and often overlooked role that local journalism plays in a community.

Looking for Ned

Dir: Premesh Lalu | 2018 | SA | 13 min

This moving short documentary is both an informal, cross-sectional portrait of the Ukwanda Puppet and Design Collective, and a tribute to Ncedile Daki, one of their members who was killed in 2017. The large-scale puppets on display – a pantsula dancer, two mourning elephants, and a rhino – are fascinating to watch, while the interviews with the collective are warm-hearted and inspiring.

World Wildlife Fund

Dir: Mabusela Wiseman | 2018 | SA | 8 min | World Premiere

Over fished waters and disheartened fisherman line the stretch of coastline protected by the Table Mountain National Park Marine Unit. The team of vigilant rangers work hard to protect endangered and depleted marine species. Tension builds as we follow the rangers on a call out to a possible poacher.