Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle

International Feature

Camden Int. Film Festival 2017 - Best Documentary Feature - Special Mention

Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US - Spotlight Award

Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 2018 - Winner CEC Award

Goya Awards 2018 - Best Documentary

Hamptons Int. Film Festival 2017 - Best Doc. Feature Golden Starfish Award

José María Forqué Awards 2018 - Best Documentary

Karlovy Vary Int. Film Festival 2017 - Best Documentary

Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle is Spanish filmmaker Salmerón’s loving, unsentimental portrait of his chaotic family: his father, his siblings, and his remarkable mother, who is the centre of the film. Julita Salmeron is unbelievably, hilariously eccentric, and the film moves between the past and the present as her son charts the course of her life, and the fulfilment of the wishes she made as a young woman – to have lots of kids, a monkey, and a castle, all of which she astonishingly achieves!  Filmed over 14 years and edited down from over 400 hours of footage, Lots of Kids is a meditation on how a family holds itself together, and a consideration of all the different stories we tell ourselves about the past.

Cape Town
V&A 4
Sat 2 June / 8.45pm
V&A 4
Wed 6 June / 6.15pm
V&A 4
Sun 10 June / 6pm
Sat 2 June / 8pm
Mon 4 June / 6.45pm
Gustavo Salmerón
88 minutes