Matangi / Maya / M.I.A

Festival Guest International Feature

Sundance Film Festival 2018 - Special Jury Prize

Sri Lankan born daughter of the founder of the Tamil Resistance Movement and problematic pop-star, M.I.A. defies being pigeonholed. Using footage that has been captured over the last 22 years Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. allows unprecedented access to the forging of one of the most controversial and divisive artists of our time. In this intimate portrait of the provocative London/Tamil rapper, we watch M.I.A. develop from an immigrant teenager to an Oscar and Grammy nominee, never once compromising on her artistic integrity or unaware of the platform her fame affords to express her political beliefs. Whether she’s shedding light on the Sri Lankan Civil War or generating awareness on the plight of refugees, she does so with an unmatched sense of creativity. Premiering at the Sundance festival this documentary emphasises how important it is to have artists of such calibre in today’s fractured societies.

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Cape Town
V&A 6
Fri 8 June / 8.15pm
V&A 6
Sat 9 June / 8.45pm
Labia 1
Tue 5 June / 8pm + Q&A with Maya herself
Wed 6 June / 6pm + Q&A with Maya herself
Sat 9 June / 8.45pm + Q&A with Maya herself
Sat 9 June / 8.30pm
Stephen Loveridge
Sri Lanka/UK/USA
95 minutes


MIA Documentary Subject

Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, better known by her stage name M.I.A., is a British rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer and activist. M.I.A’s renegade approach to art, music and culture is at the forefront of her mission statement as an artist. Sometimes stepping the line of antagonistic, her work continues to spark debate but is never short of explosive power. As much a pop-icon as an revolutionary, she has enjoyed a truly illustrious and fulfilling career including chart topping hits as well as truly integral artistic endeavours. Her early musical work with Diplo cemented her in the minds of mainstream pop consciousness, but her content always set the stage for deeper debate and further introspection from her fans and critics.

Continuing her initial path of filmmaker and visual artist to her already long list of creative output projects from a very early age continuously seeps its way into her career and most recent documentary project MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A. delves deeper into her life as the daughter of a founding members of the Sri Lankan Tamil Resistance Movement.