nege fragmente uit ses khoi’npsalms

World Premiere African Short

This imaginative, novel, sensitive, powerful, yet subtle simulation of sound and spirit combines traditional Khoi musical idioms and instruments with their contemporary Afrikaans counterparts. The use of Calvinist hymn tunes performed on organs in four different Stellenbosch churches (each adding its own acoustical and numinous ambiance) in live, improvised ensemble presentations with modern transverse flute and Khoi-memory instruments is inspired by extracts from psalm texts of South African poet Totius. But these are not so much performances, as they are happenings or installations!

The engaging melange of historically disparate musical, religious and societal cultures, played by musicians from different ethnic groups (one Khoi and two Afrikaners) displays intriguing layers of spontaneous communication and telepathy.

The magical powers of music and film almost seem to dissolve the former interface of antagonism and separation, instead creating a cathartic atmosphere of dialogue, commonality and inclusivity.

Aryan Kaganof
South Africa
21 minutes