Not In My Neighbourhood

SA Premiere Festival Guest African Feature

Gentrification has been constantly, falsely, perpetuated as a process of affirmative social renovation. However, despite these forced agendas, the controversy of displacement, conflict and loss of affordable housing has led to one communal response: resistance.

Award-winning filmmaker Kurt Orderson offers an insightful look into the lives of those who are struggling against the atrocities of Gentrification, Urban Renewal, Architectural Apartheid and Spatial Violence. He cohesively facilitates an international dialogue by exploring the parallels of the current urban environments in three seemingly disparate cities: São Paulo, Cape Town and New York.

Not In My Neighbourhood portrays an “on the ground” approach which evokes poignantly beautiful personal sentiments that are effortlessly juxtaposed with the courageous ability of the ordinary citizen mobilising for their right to the city.

Cape Town
V&A 6
Wed 6 June / 8.30pm + Q&A
Sun 10 June / 2pm + Q&A extra screening
Kurt Orderson
S Africa/USA/Brazil
87 minutes


Kurt Orderson Director

Kurt Orderson is an award-winning filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa.

His work includes a tenure with the South African Broadcasting Corporation, having produced, filmed and directed various television programs which include magazine and current affair shows.

Kurt is the founder and director of Azania Rizing Productions, a production company that aims to inspire young people through creative storytelling about Africa and the African Diaspora. Through Azania Rizing Productions, Kurt has independently directed and produced over 10 feature documentaries that have screened at multiple international film festivals and on various broadcasts channels across the world. Presently, Kurt is currently in the final development stage with his first feature narrative titled “ApeTown” supported by the National Film and Video Foundation.