Pluck a film not just about the chicken

World Premiere Festival Guest African Feature

Gender? Politics? Race? Xenophobia? Religion? To Nando’s – it’s all free range.

Filmmakers Ross and Chesselet take a deep dive into South Africa’s history through the brutally honest lens of Mzanzi’s favourite chicken establishment. The film takes a look at the inception of their notoriously memorable and witty advertisements and pulls back the curtain on the biggest laughs, shocks and controversies that made Nando’s one of South Africa’s most recognizable global brands.

Pluck explores the brand’s use of humour in order to engage with customers – by highlighting the its unique and satirical approach to their marketing the film is able to explore what makes Nando’s so successful and how it continues to extend its appeal far beyond our borders, proving that humour, the capacity for laughter, is common to us all.

Cape Town
Labia 1
Fri 1 June / 6.30pm + Q&A
Fri 8 June / 6.15pm
Sun 10 June / 4pm
Sun 10 June / 5.30pm extra screening
Sat 2 June / 6pm + Q&A
Lloyd Ross & Joëlle Chesselet
South Africa
73 minutes


Joëlle Chesselet Co-producer

A reporter in South Africa, I then read philosophy in Brussels and returned to SA to witness the end of apartheid. Filmmaking integrates my love for music, words and image making. I see documentary film as a visual philosophy that releases emotion from the statistic bringing fractal realities into a more universal empathetic space.

I am the mother of four children between the ages of 27 and 20.



Lloyd Ross Director

Lloyd Ross founded Shifty Records in 1983 and was responsible for recording much of the protest music documented in apartheid South Africa. Began making documentaries about music in 1995 and later, films about just about everything else. He has won diverse local and international awards for both music and film.