Ramothopo The Centenarian

World Premiere Festival Guest African Feature

Award winning director Hendricks returns to the screen with an unflinching portrait of centenarian Ramothopo. The 110-year-old preacher, who once had hundreds of followers, now lives with his 99 year old wife Anna, a renowned prophetess and healer in her own right, and their family in the dusty village of Botlokwa in the Limpopo province. Visiting them is the scene-stealing Anushka, their two-year-old great-granddaughter, who is as enchanting as she is enchanted with the world around her. Long unfolding scenes reveal deeply personal moments as the family rally together in their care of Ramothopo, whose confusion often leads to violent outbursts. Dedicated to those who care for the old and feeble, the film is ultimately a celebration of life and how it continues to flow, just like the visuals of water threaded throughout the film.

Cape Town
Labia 3
Sat 2 June / 5.30pm + Q&A
Labia 3
Thu 7 June / 7.45pm + Q&A TBC
Fri 1 June / 8.45pm
Riaan Hendricks
South Africa
87 minutes


Riaan Hendricks Director

Hendricks is one of South Africa’s multi award winning, prolific independent film directors. The constant struggle of engaging audiences with the emotional landscapes of his characters and story – are expressed in the rich tapestry of moments engrosses his work. Hendricks is currently doing his Masters in Film at UCT.