Red Zone Paramedics

Festival Guest African Short

Screens with

The Rebel Surgeon
The surgeon, Dr Erik Erichsen and his wife, nurse Sennait, practise medicine on the frontline in the rural hospital of Aira in the desperately poor Ethiopian highlands.

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Red Zone Paramedics is a documentary film about an ambulance crew working the night shift on New Years Eve in Mitchells Plain, an area of Cape Town with high levels of gang related violence. Long granular shots winding through darks streets while navigating the visceral complexities of delivering healthcare in a city of complex contradictions – this is a film about the everyday experiences of life on the road.

Cape Town
V&A 6
Sun 3 June / 8pm + Q&A
Labia 1
Thu 7 June / 8pm + Q&A
Labia 3
Sun 10 June / 6pm
Tue 5 June / 6.45pm
Leanne Brady
South Africa
16 minutes


Leanne Brady Director

Public Health System Activist | Health Systems Researcher | Documentary Filmmaker | Photographer | Doctor