SA Premiere



Mohamed Said Ouma


Reunion | Comoros | South Africa



Running Time:

83 min




Live In-Conversation Moderator: Dylan Valley

Director: Mohamed Saïd Ouma

Red Card follows three women from the Comoros national women’s basketball team as they train for the 2019 Indian Ocean Island Games. The games were previously a scene of political tension, when, in 2015, the team from the island of Mayotte, which is still a French territory but is also part of the Comoros archipelago, decided to carry the French flag, prompting the athletes from the three independent islands to storm out and boycott the event. With the trauma of not playing still fresh in their mindS, the players receive patriotic pep talks from their coach. The three women, Oulouhou, Hassanat, and Razia, all have busy lives in addition to their training. Oulouho cares for her children and works as a waitress, Hassanati is a football coach and security officer, and Razia is in the process of building her own house. But despite the pressures of their lives and the setbacks they face, these free-spirited Comorian women rise to the challenge.

2021 (23rd) Encounters South African International Documentary Film Festival