World Premiere S/African Festival Guest/Q&A Shorts

Labia 3: Sat 9 June / 5.30pm + Q&As

Durban Music – Differently Abled

Dir: Joyce Nkgapele | 2017 | SA | 9 min | World Premiere

Danito is a young surfer and clarinet player at the Durban Music School who has, though it is not apparent at first, two glass eyes. Differently Abled explores the challenges Danito faces and his determination not to allow the loss of his sight to prevent him from his twin passions of music and surfing.

In Pursuit Of My Dream: A Story From the National School of the Arts

Dir: Sanele Makhubuele | 2018 | SA | 9 min | World Premiere

In Pursuit of My Dream follows National School of the Arts dancing student Fanelo Ndweni in his final school year. Not only is he adept at balancing in his ballet shoes, but Fanelo is just as graceful in the balancing act of dancing, school work and the prejudices he faces back home.

Turning Point: A Film About Joburg Ballet

Dir: Nelisiwe Ngobeni | 2018 | SA | 7 min | World Premiere

Ballet dancer Mahlatse Sachane’s apparently effortless sense of grace and posture is such that he enables his dance partners to shine. Through the help of Joburg Ballet’s outreach programme, Mahlatse elegantly moves from a space of surviving to one where his natural lustre takes centre stage in his first role as principal dancer in Cinderella.

The Last Night of the Proms: A Story of Apollo Music Trust

Dir: Sphiwo Mazibuko | 2018 | SA | 10 min | World Premiere

Last Night of the Proms are a series of concerts hosted and conducted by the renowned Richard Cock, in the tradition of those held annually in the Albert Hall in London. This time the concert will feature the talented opera singer Palesa Maleiloa who, unwittingly, becomes a role model to an aspiring 16-year-old singer.

Music In The Mountains: A Film About The Drakensberg Boys Choir School

Dir: Lerato Moloi | South Africa | 2018 | 7 min | World Premiere

Nestled in the foothills of the famous Drakensburg Mountains, is a school that trains some of the country’s finest choir singers, and Sihle Manonyane is no exception. As accomplished as he is at hitting the lower notes, he is equally capable of inspiring the students he mentors to reach new found heights.

Reach Out: A Story From Cape Town Opera

Dir: Sanele Makhubu | South Africa | 2018 | 6 min | World Premiere

Opera singer Faith Zungu works in the outreach department of the Cape Town Opera. Not only does she use her vocal ability to entertain audiences, but also to give back and uplift communities. Faith works with students who have learning disabilities, turning them into opera fans and performers in their own right.

Sculpture – My Calling: A Story from Vansa

Dir: Kutlo J. Mokhethi | South Africa | 2018 | 11 min | World Premiere

A compelling short film about a young artist who specialises in sculpture. Inspired by ordinary people around him, Nkhensani Rihlampfu finds his voice in his artworks. We follow his progress as one of the selected artists for the Fresh Produce Exhibition where he hopes, finally, to be able to sell his work.

Spots in the Mountain: A Film About The Cape Leopard Trust

Dir: Lerato Moloi | 2018 | SA | 6 min | World Premiere

It’s increasingly rare to spot a leopard in the Cederberg mountains outside Cape Town, which makes the work the Cape Leopard Trust carries out very important. Their education team work tirelessly to spread awareness and instil in those they teach a similar love for nature and the glorious spotted felines who inhabit it.

Village Harmonies – A Story From Keiskamma Music Academy

Dir: Phumlani Veto | 2018 | SA | 8 min | World Premiere

Thabiso and Thabo Ngoxo are orphaned twins who are equally passionate about music. Born in a dusty coastal village, they were lucky to attend the Kesikamma Music Academy, where their passion was steadily nurtured. The academy helped them overcome tremendously difficult circumstances and develop into the musicians they are today.

nege fragmente uit ses khoi’npsalms

Dir: Aryan Kaganof | 2018 | SA | 20 min | World Premiere

This imaginative, novel, sensitive, powerful, yet subtle simulation of sound and spirit combines traditional Khoi musical idioms and instruments with their contemporary Afrikaans counterparts. The use of Calvinist hymn tunes performed on organs in four different Stellenbosch churches (each adding its own acoustical and numinous ambiance) in live, improvised ensemble presentations with modern transverse flute and Khoi-memory instruments is inspired by extracts from psalm texts of South African poet Totius. But these are not so much performances, as they are happenings or installations!

The engaging melange of historically disparate musical, religious and societal cultures, played by musicians from different ethnic groups (one Khoi and two Afrikaners) displays intriguing layers of spontaneous communication and telepathy.

The magical powers of music and film almost seem to dissolve the former interface of antagonism and separation, instead creating a cathartic atmosphere of dialogue, commonality and inclusivity.