Tanzania Transit

SA Premiere African Feature

Tribeca Film Festival 2018 - Best Cinematography in a Documentary Feature

A simple train journey where three stories intertwine like the tracks that criss-cross Tanzania. A Maasai tribesman and his grandson, a single mother looking for a fresh start, and charismatic preacher who makes his way up and down the carriages with the promise of healing. Van Velzen reveals the train carriage as a space for confessions and confrontations, songs praising tough queens and hymns praising Jesus, and the realisation that these telling tales reflect the shared struggle of a country trapped in systemic poverty, prejudice and oppression. Discreetly filmed creating an intimacy for unusual revelations, it’s no surprise Tanzania Transit took home the cinematography award at this year’s Tribeca festival. An hypnotic film and travelling microcosm of both an East African experience and the very human desire to connect.

Cape Town
V&A 6
Fri 1 June / 8.15pm
Labia 3
Mon 4 June / 6.45pm
Fri 8 June / 6pm
Sat 9 June / 4.15pm
Jeroen van Velzen
75 minutes