This is Congo

International Feature

This Is Congo documents the most recent cycle of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, otherwise known as the M23 rebellion. It chronicles the lives of three people caught up in the violence – a magnetic and bullish army colonel, a professional tailor who takes his sewing machine with him each time war breaks out, and a single mother who supports her family by illegally trading gemstones. Director McCabe takes us into the very heart of the conflict, his camera moving alongside soldiers and civilians as bullets fly and bombs explode. But while McCabe provides a profoundly visceral and delicately observed account of war, he is also careful to frame the broader twenty-year conflict in the context of a corrupt government and resource-hungry multinational corporations.

Cape Town
Labia 3
Mon 4 June / 8.30pm
V&A 4
Fri 8 June / 6.15pm
Mon 4 June / 6.45pm
Daniel McCabe
92 minutes