SA Premiere Festival Guest International Feature

Austrian Film Award 2018 - Best Best Documentary, Score, Editing & Sound

Fünf Seen Film Festival 2017 - Best Documentary

German Camera Award 2017 - Best Documentary

Viennale 2017 - Vienna Film Award Best Documentary

Untitled is the last project of Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger, who died in 2014 while making the film. Glawogger had set out to make a “film about nothing”, to aimlessly wander through the world, documenting the things that passed before him with only his curiosity and intuition as guidance. This finished film, which was constructed by his long-time working partner Moniki Willi using Glawogger’s footage, along with pieces of his writing, takes the viewer through the Balkans, Italy, and North and West Africa, where Glawogger passed away after contracting malaria. The result is a poetic end-times love song for humanity and the planet we are destroying, as well as a deeply inspiring work for anyone who has ever wanted to just pick up a camera and make a film.

Cape Town
V&A 4
Tue 5 June / 8.45pm + Q&A
V&A 6
Fri 8 June / 6.15pm
Tue 5 June / 6.45pm
Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi
107 minutes