Westwood Punk, Icon, Activist

International Feature

Sundance Film Festival 2018 - Nominee

Plenty has been said about designer Vivienne Westwood; for the past 50-odd years of her astonishing career she has been feared, ridiculed, admired and lauded – possibly in equal measure. This film is a stitching together of her life. Like her garments, pieces are taken from here and there, the past with the present, to create one extraordinary, beautiful whole. It jumps through time, backwards and forwards, intercutting family photographs and archival footage with her latest fashion shows and intimate interviews with family, staff and celebrity fans. There is no linear progression – as she says, often, that bores her – but the shifting of time and juxtaposing of eras in the storytelling give a greater understanding of the woman behind the name. Ultimately, however, it is a love story: of Westwood and fashion, her husband Andreas, and the world; and of the world and Westwood. This film had its World Première at Sundance in January.

Cape Town
V&A 4
Fri 1 June / 6.30pm
V&A 4
Mon 4 June / 6.30pm
V&A 4
Sat 9 June / 8pm
Labia 1
Thu 7 June / 6.15pm
Sun 10 June / 3pm
Mon 4 June / 8.30pm
Sun 10 June / 7.45pm
Lorna Tucker
79 minutes