When Babies Don’t Come

World Premiere Festival Guest African Feature

In a deeply personal account, Molatelo Mainetjie, a natural story-teller and award-winning documentary filmmaker, shares her battle with infertility.

Having grown up in rural GaModjadji in Limpopo Province, Mainetjie’s modern lifestyle in Johannesburg bares little resemblance to her family’s. As she seeks medical assistance, the high costs and emotional strain are compounded by her family’s dissatisfaction with her ‘western’ methods.

After continual disappointment, the question: ‘What is a woman if she cannot be a mother?’ consumes her.  With a rare localized perspective to the topic, Mainetjie takes the audience on a journey through IVF treatment, visits to a traditional healer and practices to gain assistance from her ancestors.

An intimate portrait of infertility, this crucial story speaks to a much bigger issue faced by many, yet largely shrouded in silence.

Cape Town
Sat 2 June / 6.15pm Q&A
Labia 3
Sun 3 June / 7.45pm Q&A
Sun 10 June / 3pm + Q&A
Molatelo Mainetje
South Africa
90 minutes


Molatelo Mainetje Director/Documentary Subject

Molatelo Mainetje is award winning television news and current affairs producer and documentary filmmaker. She’s the winner of 2007 United Nations Media Peace Award, News and Current Affairs. Molatelo’s work has been broadcast and screened internationally. She carries with her 17-years experience, and founded Bolobathaba Media 8 years ago.

Koketso Dlongolo Co-producer

Koketso Dlongolo is a television producer with experience in news broadcasting, writing, content producing, production and news programming. She is passionate about tackling socio and socio-economic issues in South Africa through journalism. For her, it’s not just about telling people’s stories, it’s about helping to make a tangible difference in their lives and this she tries to embody through her work.