Kutlo Justice Mokhethi is a founder and owner of Brownthot Productions. His work focuses on Directing and Producing also focusing on our stories of moral value in order to speed up the process of self-preservation or that is what he hopes to restore and speed up growth in the developing world.

In 2013 he was accepted at Big Fish School Of Digital Film making, which accelerated his growth in storytelling, he has been Directing and Producing for the past 5 years and also working as 1st AD on commercials and some series’s.

His dream and vision have only just begun and he aims to tell authentic oral stories that bring moral values back to its people.

Shorts Compilations

Kutlo will attend Q&As at the screenings of the short film, Sculpture – My Calling: A Story from Vansa, appearing in the following compilations: South/African Shorts 2.