Paul John Myburgh is an award winning filmmaker, anthropologist and author, with a life-long commitment to Africa that transcends the boundaries of politics and ideologies. He spent seven years with the Kalahari Bushmen, becoming an integral part of this ancient African culture.

A twenty-five year involvement in South African Palaeoanthropology, and exclusive access to the discovery and excavation of the famous ‘Little Foot’ fossil skeleton in the cradle of humankind … a world first!

Producer, director and DOP for Survival Anglia, National Geographic, Discovery, and others.

As DOP the SASC Gold Award for three years and the Visible Spectrum Award 2000 for the achievement of excellence in cinematography.


Director: The Story of Little Foot

Filmed largely underground, Clark narrates a dual story; that of our ancient ancestors and that of the discovery and excavation of their fossilised remains.

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